T J Quarter Horses

Producing blue roan quarter horses

Our Broodmares

We have a few select mares to breed to TJ.  They are big bodied, great minded and have a special color.  Our mares are foundation bred.  Bloodlines like Jackie B, King, Joe Hancock, Driftwood, and Boston Mac; to name a few.  We feel that we are producing good minded, pretty and all around using horses. 

Bar Tab Max 1999 AQHA grulla mare    15.3 hds  


     AQHA #   3814833            



               Sugar Bars 

Mr. Bar Tab

Billy's Bar Tab



Leisure Annapoise




Gold Dun  16 hnds

Silver Bim Bars (grulla)


Doug's Goldie  (dun)




Omer's Tar Baby (black)




               Triple Chick

Boston Mac (black)        

Boston Ridge


Baby Ridge


                Two eyed jack 

Della Jack (sorrel)          



Myty Fine

                 Royal King

Texas Minnow



Lonely Orphan



Happy Hancock Concho 2008 AQHA blue roan  14.3   


  AQHA #   5089732            



          Red Man (Joe Hancock) 

Blue Valentine

Roan Ambrose



Ambrose Sue 30

King Bars Hancock



Blue Roan 15 hnds

             Three Bars

King Bars

              LH Princess (King)

King's Triple Parr



Triple Parr




              Orphan Drift


Happy Glen


Miss Happy Concho


                Happy Hancock 

Happy's Best  

                 Eddie 62        


Ms. Guatemala Canal

               War Concho 

Guatemala Canal



Hancock 72





Indians Blazin Kit 2003 APHA chestnut overo  15.2 hds

Foaled a blue roan bald face filly (April 2011)           Foaled a blue roan filly (April 2012)

APHA #   755498            



El Bonanza  (QH)

Bonanzas Imprint


 Red roan Overo

Snicker Robin sorrel/overo

Indian Painted Pop


 red roan/overo


Button's Zip Cody   (QH)          

Lollipop Queen



Panhandle Kitty (QH)




Two Eyed Jack (QH)

Sporty Two Eye (QH)


Zoe Jack


Debbie Pat Star (QH)



Zoetta Moore (QH)

 Three Moore (QH)



Donetta Joy  (QH)




Four Ty 901 1999 AQHA Bay mare  15.2 hds

   Foaled a chestnut roan filly 2012 and a blue roan filly in 2013

AQHA    3806514          

This mare was raised off the famous Haythorne Ranch in Brule, NE 




Eddie 70



Miss Ogallala

Eddie Blue Hancock


 blue roan

Happy Hancock          

Happy Hancock 19



Figure 4 Lady 2




            Two Eyed Jack

Watch Joe Jack

            Watch Joe Moore

Classy Ty


Figure Four 214 


Classy Tyree


Concho Lady 002

                Joe Hancock

      War Chief         Driftwood

War Concho



Chili Pie