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About Me

I have always been attracted to the different colored and what you might call "nosy" or just plain friendly horse.   I have grown up around horses all my life whether it be on my family farm as a child, on the halter horse and breeding farm that I worked at for 10 years, on the farm calls that I attended with the veterinarian that I was lucky enough to work with with for 3 years, or at the state diagnostic lab that I worked at where the horses came through for necropsy to identify the cause of death....  I have been around a few horses.

My favorite is the blue roan quarter horse and I stumbled onto my stud TJ through a newpaper ad.  He had been traded for a horse trailer to a guy that rode walking horses.  He was young (16 months) and really didn't look like much but I could see in his eye and his attitude that he was going to be a good minded horse.... I promised the guy that I would give TJ the best home........  and every time I see him now, I know that he is proud that he sold me that horse.

TJ was not your ordinary stud.  He was not nippy and not mouthy.  We started hauling him to rodeos beside Baby, my daughers hormonal mare.  He learned so much from all those trips.  I don't ever remember once having to correct him hard..... just a tap on the shoulder or a strong voice and he knew his place.  He learned patience and manners. 

We started breeding TJ at 3 years of age.  We are now starting to get some great riding horses on the ground.  I have a 3 year old red dun roan that is started in barrels.  You can not ask for a better ride or personality.  She has the looks and the disposition.  I am tring to maintain the roan color, an easy going attitude with a smooth ride.  I want TJs offspring to be around 15 to 15.2 hands tall.  Right now we are a very small operation with only about 4 breeding mares the 2011 Spring breeding season.  We have some awesome Hancock bred filles that will be bred to TJ in 2012 that should produce with the grace of god alot of blue foals!

Thanks for looking at the page and I hope you can enjoy one of our babies one day.

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                          my phone    270 836 9809 

                         my email      pjustkaos@momentum.net